Breaking News: The Triple Earthquake Hits Jaipur with in 30mins!

Three back-to-back earthquake hits Jaipur, Rajasthan’s capital  in the early hours of Friday.

Jaipur Earthquakes

There were 3 earthquake hits Jaipur within a span of half an hour jolted city. People woke up with fear and few ran out of the houses/apartments according to the news channels.

According to the police information there was no loss of life.

As per the National Center of Seismology,

First earthquake recorded at 4:09 am with 4.4 magnitude.

Second earthquake is recorded at 4:22 am with 3.1 magnitude.

Third earthquake is recorded at 4:25 am with 3.4 magnitude.

“The tremors were strong, and my whole family woke up. The tremors continued for a little long. It happened around ten past four in the morning. There are no injuries though,” Vikas, a local resident, told news agnecy ANI.

Even the Animals got panic due to the tremors caused by the Earthquake. Animals ran with fear which can be seen in below tweet:

Panic stricken People came onto the roads with the fear of tremors. Here are some visuals of people gather from twitter.

Few people were tremble whereas few people are capturing those scenes for social media. As per the news updates all the residents are safe.

Former Chief minister of Rajasthan Vasundhara Rajee also tweeted, “Earthquake tremors have been felt at other places in the state including Jaipur. I hope you all are safe!”

No reports of casualties or damages are known yet.

After the Earthquake there was a power outage in most of the areas in city.

Jaipur is located in an area known as a seismic zone, which indicates a moderate risk of earthquakes. The city falls under seismic zone III, which means it is moderately prone to seismic activity.

National center for Seismology tweeted the complete details of Jaipur’s Earthquake .

“Earthquake Hits Jaipur” Community Preparedness

Educating and training the local community about earthquake preparedness is vital. Conducting drills and workshops on how to respond during an earthquake can save lives and reduce panic during such disasters.

“Earthquake Hits Jaipur” Conclusion

This earthquake is the alert for the reminder of unpredictable nature of seismic events. Anyhow we cannot prevent earthquakes from occurring, but we can take the required precautions to get out from these situations to minimize their impact on lives and property.

This can be done by early warning systems, strong infrastructure and awareness in people by community preparedness.


1.How many Earthquakes were felt in Jaipur on Friday?                                                                        A. Three earthquakes were felt in Jaipur.

2.What is the magnitude of Earthquake in Jaipur 2023?                                                                      A. Earthquake of magnitude hit Jaipur on Friday.

3.Is Jaipur a high-risk Earthquake zone?                                                                                                  A. Geographically Jaipur is not a high-risk Earthquake zone.

4. How can early warning system help during Earthquakes?                                                                A. Early warning systems can provide alerts in advance which can help people to take required precautions early.

Earthquake hits Jaipur

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