Most Exciting Asian Games 2023 Indian medals tally.

India have won total 31 medals at Asian Games 2023 at Hangzhou. Read to know in detail! By Infinity Byte: At Asian Games India has won Thirty-One medals in total in which 8 Gold, 11 Silver and 12 Bronze. India has made its mark at Asian Games by excelling by excelling in specific sports and … Read more

Chandrayaan 3: Mysterious Moon’s Secrets are getting revealed by Pragyan!

India’s most Prestigious spacecraft Chandrayaan 3 is now doing wonders. Pragyan Rover is revealing the secrets of moon one by one. read to know more! By Infinity Byte: As we all know on the moon’s south pole, Chandrayaan 3 is the first spacecraft to land. Now the Pragyan Rover is doing intense experiments on the … Read more

Women Reservation Bill-Country is celebrating the successful pass!

Women Reservation Bill is successfully passed in both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Read to know more. By Infinity Byte: The most historic moment is here, Women Reservation bill is passed successful in parliament. Women MP’s Celebrated this special moment with the Prime minister Modi at Parliament. What is Women Reservation Bill The Women Reservation … Read more

Aditya L1 captures amazing pictures of earth and moon in one frame!

Aditya L1 captures first selfie and images of earth and moon from space. Read to know more. Adhitya L1 is named after the Surya Bhagavan from Sanskrit. This is the Country’s first Solar Spacecraft mission. Adhitya L1 is a coronagraphic spacecraft to study the solar atmosphere designed by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). Coronographic … Read more

Most awaited N.T.R Rs100 coin unveiled by President Murmu

On the special occasion of NTR’s 100th birth anniversary, N.T.R Rs100 coin is released. Read to know more! By Infinity Byte: World Famous Actor Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao has got National recognition. With his name 100 Rs coin is unveiled. The invitation for the special event is given to sons, daughters and extended family of … Read more

Neeraj Chopra won India’s 1st Gold at World Athletics Championships.

Neeraj Chopra wins gold medal at World Athletics Championships for the Men’s Javelin. Read to know more! By Infinity Byte: Neeraj Chopra is an Indian track and field athlete reigning Olympic Champion, World Champion and the Diamond league Champion in the Javelin throw. The ace Javelin thrower with an 88.17m throw to finish at the … Read more

India on Moon: Chandrayaan 3 Mission Successful!

Proud to be Indian and Proud moment for all Indians. Chandrayaan 3 Successfully landed on the moon and created record. By Infinity byte: Finally, history made. India’s most awaited moment was made live today. Historical landing of Chandrayaan 3 is made successfully today by ISRO. Our Vikram lander landed on the moon’s surface today as … Read more

Race to Moon-Is Chandrayaan 3 all set to Create Record Now!

As Russia’s spacecraft Luna 25 collided on to the moon surface, now there is chance for Chandrayaan 3 to create record by landing on the moon’s south pole. Read to know more. By Infinity Byte: As we all know the race to the moon between Russia and India regarding the landing on the moon’s South … Read more

Vijay Devarakonda new movie Khushi celebrated Musical Event Highlights!

Vijay Devarakonda new movie Khushi Musical night was held recently. Read to know about the highlights. By Infinity Byte: Vijay Devarakonda and Samantha’s new movie music album is already hit, and the trailer also looks impressive. The makers of Kushi conducted a musical concert to celebrate the music album of Kushi with the fans. Release … Read more

‘High Five from Chandrayaan 3’ – Soft landing expected Soon!

Chandrayaan 3

Chandrayaan 3 has successfully fired into final and fifth lunar orbit maneuver Today (August 16,2023). Read to know more. By Infinity Byte: Every Indian is ambitiously waiting for the Chandrayaan 3’s historic landing on the moon. This is the pride of our Country. Now, this spacecraft has successfully entered into the final orbit of the … Read more