Massive Flood of layoffs? Indians scramble for jobs in the US 2023.

Within 3 months of massive layoffs around 2 lakh IT employees lost jobs by top companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon, Indian employees are scrambling for job options in the US within the time frame allowed by their work visas.


By Infinity Byte Trends: Many Indian IT employees who are working in US lost their jobs in the series of layoff, now struggling to find new jobs. To stay in the country, they are battling for jobs within the time span allowed by their work visas.

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902 tech company layoffs .223089 employees laid off.

Layoffs – Major Companies

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced earlier this month that the tech giant would fire 10,000 employees, or approximately 5% of its entire workforce, calling it a difficult decision the tech giant had to make to remain a “consequential company” in the face of economic uncertainty throughout the world.

In January, Google announced its plans to lay off around 12,000 workers globally. The first round of layoffs began in the US following Sundar Pichai’s public announcement. It appears that workers in the India-specific units have started receiving termination letters. A report indicates that the company has laid off roughly 450 employees from the India division. Google India’s major office hubs are located in Gurugram, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad.

Accenture plans to cut 19,000 jobs; Indeed, to lay off 2,200 (15 percent) employees; Amazon said it will lay off 9,000 people, in its second round of job cuts; GitHub has laid off its entire engineering team in India (over 100 jobs); Disney announced three rounds of layoffs, that could affect about 7,000 employees. Indian startups have already laid off close to 5,000 people in 2023, as per, and the next few months will see many more. 

Live Tracking of lay- offs can be tracked by clicking below: – Tech Layoff Tracker and Startup Layoff Lists

Some industry insiders estimate that between 30 and 40% of them are Indian IT professionals, many of whom are in possession of H-1B and L1 visas.

Many Indian IT professionals who are on non-immigrant work visas like the H-1B or L1 are currently looking for ways to stay in the US after losing their jobs and changing their visa status in order to find a new job within the allotted time of a few months under these foreign work visas.


Dismissed Employees WhatsApp Groups.

The dismissed Indian IT workers have created a number of WhatsApp groups in an effort to find a way out of the dreadful predicament they are in.

More than 800 unemployed Indian IT workers are communicating with one another in a WhatsApp group as new job openings arise in the nation.

They have been debating other visa alternatives in another group, and several immigration lawyers have offered to provide consultation services at this time.

The most recent Google move to pause their Green Card procedure just makes things worse for Indian IT professionals. This is primarily due to the fact that they cannot be seen arguing before the USCIS that they require a foreign IT professional as a permanent resident at a time when they have sacked thousands of people. It is anticipated that other businesses would do the same.

The US has now launched new initiatives that will help cut visa processing delays in India. Special interviews are being scheduled for first-time applicants and the consular staff strength is being increased.

On January 21, “special Saturday interview days” were launched by the US mission in India with the aim of reducing wait times for first-time visa applicants.

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