Most awaited Rajinikanth’s Jailer movie Showcase is out! – Review

Jailer movie: Rajinikanth, South Indian Super Star is ready to release his new film on August 10.

Jailer movie

By Infinity Byte: Rajinikanth and Nelson Dilipkumar’s Jailer will be in theatres from August 10. According to the trade experts, it is estimated that this film could make 50 to 60 crore openings worldwide.

The showcase/trailer turned out to be the much-needed hype for ‘Jailer’, which was quite low on promotions. Ahead of the big release, trade expert Ramesh Bala shares his insights on the Day 1 prediction and the effect of no early morning shows.

Jailer Movie Cast

Rajinikanth‘Tiger’ Muthuvel Pandian
Shiva RajkumarNarasimha
Ramya KrishnaMuthuvel’s wife
Mirnaa MenonArjun’s wife
Vasanth RaviMuthuvel’s son
Music DirectorAnirudh Ravichander
Major Cast also includes Jackie Shroff, Sunil, Vinayakan, Tammanah, Naga Babu, Yogi Babu.

Jailer Movie trailer

A Typical Revenge Story? Running for 2.15 minutes, the trailer is an action treat right from the start. Rajini, who is living a retired life with his beautiful family, suddenly attacks the villains like a tiger. Especially Rajinikanth’s punch dialogues in Jailer trailer looks attractive.

The trailer begins with a shot of a bunch of cars being blown apart by a number of men aiming from far. The scene then cuts to introduce Rajinikanth’s character, who is named ‘Tiger’ Muthuvel Pandian. He presents himself as a humble, soft-spoken guy who has a separate personality that is kept hidden from his family and the people around him. But when needed, he can take down the bad guys in a matter of seconds with his sword. As he flashes his smile after slashing the goons, the title card introduces him as Superstar Rajni.

Going back to Nelson Dilipkumar’s ‘Beast’, he shows Thalapathy Vijay as the guy who suffers from PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder). Here in ‘Jailer’, VTV Ganesh, who seems to be playing a doctor, says Rajinikanth suffers from a disease, where he will turn into a kitten. But he also gives them caution that the person would suddenly turn into a tiger. And we see Rajinikanth’s epic transformation, where he can be seen committing gruesome murders. Now, that’s what we call a transformation!

Watch the official Jailer Movie Trailer here:

Jailer Movie – A Strong Villian

In the film, Vinayakan, who plays a Malayalam-speaking guy, plays the villain. He is miffed with someone who has blackmailed him for the first time. He takes up the oath to brutally murder the person who crossed paths with him. And Vinayakan’s performance is sure to haunt you for days to come.

Jackie Shroff, who plays a pivotal role in the film, can be seen briefing a person about Muthuvel Pandian’s role. His dialogue reminds us of Rajinikanth’s iconic dialogue from ‘Basshha’, which goes by ‘enaku innoru per iruku (I have another name). The only difference in ‘Jailer’ is that Jackie Shroff hypes Rajinikanth’s character.

Ramya Krishna and Rajinikanth Combination

The combination of Rajinikanth and Ramyakrishna is all time fresh. They have given a power packed performance in “Narasimha” movie. Now the same combination repeats which will be a feast again.

Ramya Krishnan, who plays his wife, is taken aback by her husband’s transformation. He kills a person at their home and the body falls on his wife and his daughter’s lap. Ramya Krishnan asks him, ‘can we stop with this?’

And Rajinikanth says, ‘I went too far. I can only return when I’m done with everything’. If this doesn’t remind you that Rajinikanth is at the fag end of his career, we don’t know what will!

Jailer Movie Twitter reactions

The showcase of Talaivan’s upcoming film shows that it is a power packed action scenes.

“Thalaiva looks even more furious when lightning strikes” tweeted by Rajinikanth’s fan.

Jailer Movie Showcase already hits 5M+ real time views.

Another fan tweeted “The real SUPERSTAR’s game begins.”

AMB Cinemas Hyderabad added extra Tamil show at 10:25 pm due to high demand.

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