Race to Moon-Is Chandrayaan 3 all set to Create Record Now!

As Russia’s spacecraft Luna 25 collided on to the moon surface, now there is chance for Chandrayaan 3 to create record by landing on the moon’s south pole. Read to know more.

Chandrayaan 3

By Infinity Byte: As we all know the race to the moon between Russia and India regarding the landing on the moon’s South Pole is very tough. Luna 25 is priorly scheduled to land on Moon than Chandrayaan 3.

Luna 25 Failure

Luna 25 is the Russian Spacecraft launched by ROSKOSMOS. Luna 25 is planned to land on Moon’s South pole on 21st August as per the Schedule. But the final maneuver of Luna 25 is failed due to some technical glitch. This is declared by the ROSCOSMOS through its telegram channel.

What is the technical Glitch of LUNA 25?

Is Luna 25 really failed or any chances to find the spacecraft again?

Can ROSKOSMOS rectify this problem?

Does CHANDRAYAAN 3 win the race to moon by landing first on the moon’s south pole and break the records?

We will discuss here point to point now.

On August 19th Russia released the post as the maneuver failed to glitch. It also mentioned as due to some abnormal situations and unspecified reasons Luna 25 unable to enter into the prelanding orbit of moon.

Here, Prelanding orbit means the last round to be made around the moon, in the last DE boosting Luna 25 got unsuccessful.

The LUNA 25 is also not completely failed, it failed at the phase of preorbital maneuver. Russian analysts are analyzing the reasons for the technical glitch. If any solution found LUNA 25 will again be in the race, but after Chandrayaan 3.

Mostly Ros Cosmos will fix up the minor glitches or issues immediately. ROSCOSMOS declared official statement as there might be some huge issue.

Does this benefit Chandrayaan 3?

Definitely it is a good opportunity for the India to create the record by landing safely on the south pole of Moon. Foe the people who follow Geopolitics will know the importance of Chnadrayaan 3 success.

Anyhow Russia is our friend country, Failure of Luna 25 is not a good thing. But in geopolitics the success is important.

Chandrayaan 3 Strategy

Chandrayaan 3 is scheduled to land on moon south pole on August 23rd evening. On August 10th, Luna 25 is launched, On July 14th Chandrayaan 3 is launched. After 10 days, Luna 25 on August 21 is predicted to land on moon’s south pole. But unfortunately, this got failed.

But Chandrayaan 3 on August 17th, from propulsion module successfully our Vikram lander got separeated. Vikram lander is deboosting towards the moon. This means it is gradually reducing the speed with 5 metres per second. In order to land on the moon, speed should be reduced first. On moon the atmospheric pressure is so light and gravitational force will be high. due to this speed matters a lot.

Our Chandrayaan 3 already deboosted 2 levels. Approximately our chandrayaan 3 is 100 to 120 kms far from the moon. Chandrayaan 2 failed at this point only but now it overcome that phase. ISRO has completed all the pre checks and now Chandrayaan 3 is almost ready to land. With the help of AI, Lander is searching for the right spot to land.

Ex ISRO chief K.Sivan mentioned that “We analyzed all the mistakes of Chandrayaan 2. Now, we implemented many precautions by including the redundancy in Chandrayaan 3”

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ISRO Post through Twitter

ISRO proudly posted the images of the Lunar far side area which is captured by the Lander Hazard detection and Avoidance Camera. As per the images, there is a safe landing area located by the Vikram lander without boulders or deep trenches.

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