3 Best types of Handles for kitchen cabinets

Here are the different types of handles for kitchen cabinets. Read to know more.


By Infinity Byte: Kitchen cabinet handles play has a major impact in the kitchen design. For the entire house, Kitchen is the main attraction. Especially for the ladies the place where they spend most of the time is Kitchen. So they would like to design the Kitchen in a unique way.

Why Handles Selection Important

In Modular Kitchens, Selection of right handles which suits the cabinets is very important. These Handles look like a minor element in designing the kitchen, but the finishing and the final look is achieved by these handles. Let’s explore the different types of handles.

Traditional Handles

For classic kitchen designs, these traditional handles add the elegance to the look. These handles are perfect for sturdy build and easy grip especially. They come in various finishes like from antique brass to Polished chrome. This allows us to select according to the cabinet’s color and match accordingly.

These handles are strong and robust by build. The Shelf life of these handles is really long lasting. These handles add a traditional look to the kitchen.


Traditional Kitchen Cabinet Handles

T Bar Handles

These T Bar handles adds the modern touch for the Traditional handles. These are in the shape of letter T. These handles are long and horizontal creating a modern aesthetic. These are sleek and goes with any kind of design. These handles are mostly seen which goes with trend.

These handles come in different dimensions. We can choose according to the cabinet dimensions. These are also functional handles.

T Bar Kitchen Handles

Profile Handles

These are the most trending handles which are best suitable for Modern Kitchens. These are best suitable for small Kitchens because of its design, these are incorporated into the cabinet itself.

These are a great choice for high use kitchen where you don’t want the pulls sticking out and getting in way.

Professional Kitchen Handles

Handle less Kitchens!

Handle less cabinets are exactly what their name suggests – cupboards without the traditional hardware like knobs or pulls used to open and close them. These types of cabinets don’t have any protruding knobs or handles installed on the doors. 

Instead, they have grooves, sometimes called channels, that are used to control the cabinet doors. 

These grooves are integrated at the top surface edge of the cabinet door. You’ll find a narrow gap underneath a countertop (or another drawer) that’s just enough to curl your fingers around to pull it open. 

You’ll find handle less cabinets in your kitchen counters, installed as horizontal grooves. They can also be integrated vertically for hanging cupboards, free-standing cabinets, or tall built-in cabinet units – wherever the unhinged side of the cabinet door is. 

Handleless Kitchen Cabinets

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  1. What are different types of Kitchen Handles for Cabinets? A. Traditional, T- Bar, Profile and Handle less.
  2. Are Handleless Cabinets a good choice? A. Yes. These are best suitable for ultra-modern Kitchens.
  3. How do I choose the best Kitchen Handle? A. Based on the Kitchen interior design, go with the handle type.
  4. What are edge Profile Kitchen Handles? A.Edge profile kitchen handles are a type of handle that sit along the edge of the cabinet door, giving a handle less illusion.

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