Chandrayaan 3: Mysterious Moon’s Secrets are getting revealed by Pragyan!

India’s most Prestigious spacecraft Chandrayaan 3 is now doing wonders. Pragyan Rover is revealing the secrets of moon one by one. read to know more!

Chandrayaan 3

By Infinity Byte: As we all know on the moon’s south pole, Chandrayaan 3 is the first spacecraft to land. Now the Pragyan Rover is doing intense experiments on the Moon’s South pole.

As per the Pragyan Rover it is proven that the existence of Sulpher, Oxygen, Aluminum, Calcium, Iron, Chromium and Titanium on the moon. One more interesting news is the existence of most expensive mineral Helium- 3 is proven by Pragyan rover.

Chandrayaan 3: Powerful Helium 3 on moon

Moon is the most Favorite research place for everyone. Most of the people are excited to know what is present on the moon’s surface. To know these things many lunar missions are launched.

In the same way the India’s lunar mission Chandrayaan 3 also gave few interesting news about the existence of Helium 3 mineral on the moon.

The power of this metal can be known by studying the below facts:

With 50gms of Helium, energy which is sufficient for one month can be extracted.

With 30 Tonnes of Helium, yearly Power supply for the whole country can be extracted.

With the whole Helium on moon, ten thousand years power supply can be extracted for the whole world.

We as the humans are very much excited to know what is present on the moon.

To know this many missions were made successful to reach the moon. In the same way the Chandrayaan 3 successfully landed on the moon’s south pole and the Pragyan rover started its research on the moon’s surface and found out few secrets.

Many expensive minerals were discovered on moon like Sulphur, Aluminum, Calcium, Ferrum, Chromium, Titanium, Silicon, Manganese. Still the experiments are in progress for the discovery of Hydrogen as per ISRO.

Even the temperatures on moon were also recorded and sent to ISRO by the Pragyan Rover. Now the discussion is about the world’s expensive mineral Helium. The only primary savior of the future generation is the Helium – 3. There might be around ten lakh tons of helium 3 finds on moon as per the study.

Helium 3 is one of the natural resources which can improve financial situation of the country and make India in No.1 position. In 1939, NASA scientists found that there is a helium isotope on moon.

Mining on moon is a very critical task. Highly intensive machinery has to be used to do the mining. On the other side, the temperature on moon is not suitable for the human beings to survive. On Moon morning temperature will be around 127 degrees Celsius and during night it will be around -173 degrees Celsius. So, the only alternative is to depend on the robots.

By using the Artificial intelligence may be in future it is possible. American Space agency NASA is planning to send robots along with the humans. As the Helium 3 is the most demanding and richer mineral, Even China and Japan along with few other strong countries started to focus on moon missions.

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India’s mission Chandrayan 3 landed on the moon has found that the moon’s south pole is having abundant helium 3 finds. This mineral will cost one ton of Helium 3 is priced 35 thousand crores Rs. Due to this to bring down the moon’s most expensive mineral to the earth all the countries are trying hardly.

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