3 Best drinks to Burn Fat! Reduces bad cholesterol.

Here are the 3 best drinks that reduces bad cholesterol and helps in burn fat. Read to know more.

Reduces bad cholesterol

By Infinity Byte: In search of healthier lifestyle, most of us are finding effective methods to burn fat and reduce bad cholesterol. Along with exercise and balanced diet, few drinks can help us to reach our goal. In this article we will explore the best 3 drinks that will help us to cut fat and also reduces bad cholesterol.

1. Tulasi Water: Reduces bad cholesterol and fat

Tulasi is one of the most important medicinal plants which is present in most of our houses.

How to Prepare

Take a handful of fresh Tulasi leaves and soak them in 2 liters of water overnight. The medicinal values and chemical properties get transferred into the water. In the morning, filter out all the Tulasi leaves and drink the water as a first drink of the day.

Benefits of Tulasi water:

  • Due to the medicinal values and chemical properties, help as anti-inflammatory sources. This reduces the inflammation in our body and also fat content is reduced.
  • Linolic acid and volinolic acid which are present in Tulasi helps the blood vessels free from cholesterol thus making them healthier. These acids also reduce bad cholesterol in the body.
  • These Tulasi water also helps in keeping the lungs healthier by clearing all the phlegm from the throat.

2. Lemon Water: Reduces bad cholesterol and fat

Lemons are citrus food considered as good source of Vitamin C. This Vitamin C is an immunity booster.

How to prepare

Take 2 liters of Lukewarm water and squeeze a whole lemon juice into it. If needed take one more lemon as per the taste. Drink this water as the first drink in the morning.

Benefits of Lemon Water:

  • Helps in increasing the immunity power of the body.
  • Helps in the detoxification process, purifies blood.
  • Reduces the hunger and keeps us full which helps in weight loss.
  • Helps in fat burning process as there are no calories in it. As we drink on empty stomach the process of fat burning continues until we have the breakfast.

3. Jeera Water: Reduces bad cholesterol and fat

Jeera is well known for maintaining blood cholesterol levels and aiding good digestion.

How to Prepare

Soak jeera in 2 liters of water overnight. By doing this the Thymol chemical which is present in jeera gets transferred to the water. Thymol is the chemical which is helpful for digestion. So, drink the jeera water by filtering out the soaked jeera as a first drink in the morning. Complete the water in 2 intervals.

Benefits of Jeera Water

  • Due to the Thymol chemical, the enzymes which are required for digestion like Amylase, Lipase and Protease are increased., which aids in digestion.
  • This chemical also helps in improving the bile enzymes secretion.
  • Improves the body metabolism which helps in fat burning.
  • Also, Thymoquinone chemical present in jeera, which reduces bad cholesterol in body.

Note: It is suggested not to take all the 3 types of drinks on the same day, try changing day to day for best results.


  1. What is the best drinks for weight loss? A. The best drinks for weight loss are Tulasi water, jeera water and Lemon water
  2. How do you burn fat and control weight? A, Fat can be controlled by drinking detox water which is mostly done through lemon water.
  3. What is good Calorie free drink? A. Beverages which have zero calories like lemon water, jeera water and Tulasi water.

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