Extreme fat loss with no special diet!

Extreme fat loss with the regular diet – Does this sound new! Yes, we can lose fat by following few tips. Read to know more.

Extreme fat loss

By Infinity Byte: In these days, most of the people are somehow affected by fat issues. The work we do in day-to-day life is also not involved with physical activities. Here are some tips by using which we can reduce the fat in our body.

The tips which we are going to discuss is regarding extreme Fat loss diet. This extreme fat loss diet is well balanced, Low calorie, Indian meal Plan.

Early to Bed! Early to Rise!

This is the well-known phrase by everyone. There is a poem which is like,

Early to Bed, early to Rise, Make us Healthy, Wealthy and Wise!

Luke Warm Water

This is exactly what we are going to follow. Wake up by 6AM and have a Large Glass full of warm water immediately after waking up. Drink 500ml of Lukewarm water slowly. Watch your system getting activated. This Warm water will kick start your metabolism which is extremely important for extreme fat loss.

Extreme Fat loss: Workout

After drinking the warm water, jump out of the bed, freshen up and get ready for work out.

30 mins Workout

20 mins of strength training at home or gym, followed by 10 mins of abs and cardio is good enough. Let your body cool down, give 5 mins time for meditation. Extreme fat loss is not to loss fat quickly, gradually fat gets cut off from your body.

Breakfast – 8AM

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Masala Oats

As Breakfast, consider having masala oats. These oats are not the packed masala oats, take plain oats and prepare the dish with this simple recipe:

  • Chop all the required veggies like Onions, carrots, beans, capsicum, tomatoes, paneer and also take peas.
  • Now put the pan on flame and add little water. Now toss all the veggies, add salt to taste and let them boil for 2 mins.
  • Once boiled put the flame to low and add finely chopped ginger, black pepper and turmeric. Give it a good mix.
  • Now add half a cup of oats and let it cook for 2 mins, then add 70gms of Paneer which is protein rich. Make sure that the veggies are not overcooked. Now garnish with fresh coriander leaves and squeeze lemon as per taste.

Oats are the superfood especially when our goal is to lose fat. These are excellent source of complex carbohydrates, high in protein and fiber. These oats help us to keep full for long time.

Mid meal before Lunch

After breakfast, there should be at least 4 hours gap between breakfast and lunch. In the meantime, if you feel hungry, you can drink water, a cup of green tea along with any seasonal fruit like apple, orange, banana, Chikku, watermelon, muskmelon etc.

Lunch – 12:30 PM

After 2 hours of having the fruit with green tea, we can go ahead with lunch. For lunch, have one whole wheat roti along with one bowl of black chana curry and one bowl of delicious cucumber mint raita.


Take Pressure cooker and turn on the flame. Add little water and add finely chopped onions, tomatoes, ginger and sauté them for a minute. Then add salt, turmeric powder, cinnamon powder and black pepper powder. Give a good mix. Now add the black chana which was soaked the previous night. Add water as per requirement and put on the lid with high flame. After one whistle, put the flame to low and let it cook for 15 mins. After 15 mins, curry is ready, now finally garnish with fresh coriander.


Take a bowl and pour the curd into it. Whisk it by adding little water and then add freshly grated cucumber and mint leaves. Season it with black pepper and jeera powder and give it a good mix. Cucumber mint raita is ready.

The trick is to eat slowly. Give your food full attention. If you feel that this lunch is not sufficient, wait for 15 mins. As our brain takes 15 mins to register the feeling of fullness.

The benefits of slow eating include better digestion, easier fat loss and greater satisfaction.

Evening Snack: 5 PM

This evening snack should be highly nutritious and well balanced. All you need is 3 – 4 dried figs, 8- 10 almonds and one small piece of fruit of your choice. We can replace the dry fruits of your choice.

Almonds and other dry fruits are the excellent sources of healthy fats which will cut the bad fat from your body. Dried figs also help to improve the iron which simultaneously help in improving hemoglobin. Fruits are high in vitamins which are essential for fat loss. Overall, a low calorie but filling excellent snack option.

Dinner – 7:30 PM

For dinner we will have one big bowl of mix dal along with vegetable salad. For best results have your dinner 3 hours before going to sleep. One more point in this diet, avoid roti and rice during nighttime.

Mixed Dal Recipe :

Take Pressure cooker, add little water and then finely chopped onions, salt, black pepper, turmeric and cinnamon powder. Also add ginger, curry leaves and tomatoes. Now add about 60 grams of mixed dal and add water as required. Close the lid and put the flame on low for 15 mins. After 15 mins open the lid, dal will be ready to serve.

Also Prepare the vegetable salad by chopping all your favorite vegetables and season it with little salt, black pepper and lemon juice.

So, our nutrition packed dinner is ready mixed dal with vegetable salad. This is simple, easy and healthy. This diet will not only give you carbohydrates but also essential amino acids. Vegetable salad helps in cutting down the lower belly fat.

If at all you feel hungry after having this meal, then have a half glass of hot turmeric milk. Turmeric milk is well known for detox. Drink this before 1 hour of sleep.

By following all these tips, extreme fat loss is possible.

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