Kitchen Cupboards – How to design Stunning No. 1 Modular Kitchen

Kitchen Cupboards is the key element in today’s kitchen design. Read to know more.

Kitchen Cupboards

By Infinity Byte: Kitchen is the main element of the house. To design the kitchen woodwork plays the major role. Modular kitchen is the trend now a days.

To design a Kitchen few things to be considered which are mentioned below.

Layout of the Kitchen

Firstly, consider the layout of the kitchen. Based on the layout the kitchen is designed like U- shaped, L- shaped or island kitchen.

After choosing the layout try to focus on the maximum space utilization.

Island Kitchen

This image shows the Island kitchen layout. Here a freestanding cabinet and countertop unit is designed at center of kitchen which increases storage and counter space. It also separates the cooking and dining areas. This can be customized as per our choice with highchairs a side for seating also.

A modern kitchen interior in white colors

L Shaped Kitchen

As the name suggests the counter is in the shape of letter L. This is suitable for small kitchens where it is very flexible for storage.

U Shaped Kitchen

This kitchen features a 3-wall design that resemble the uppercase letter U. This plan maximizes the countertop and cabinet space. This design is quite popular and give you lot of storage also.

Types of Laminates for Kitchen Cupboards

Different types of laminates that are available are:

  • Matte Finish Laminates : These laminates reflect moderate light and are scratch resistant. The main advantage is as the stains and scratches are not visible on matte finish laminates these are easy to maintain. These are best suitable for kitchens with heavy use.
  • Gloss Finish Laminates: These laminates add lot of brightness to your kitchen because they reflect light a lot. These are best suitable for smaller kitchens as they make the kitchen look larger than it is actually is. Anyhow these laminates require lot of maintenance as scratches, smudges and fingerprints can be seen easily.
  • Acrylic finish Laminates: These laminates give a high-end modern look to your kitchen. These are highly durable and have a gloss finish. The Acrylic finish laminates are highly resistant to fading. As gloss finish laminates these laminates also require high maintenance and are a bit costly too.
  • Textured Laminates: These laminates replicate the look and feel of natural materials like wood, stones, raw silk etc. These provide depth to overall look of the kitchen. The main disadvantage is that it can be prone to dust and germs easily which is difficult to maintain.
  • Fire Retardant Laminates: These laminates provide great safety. These laminates are fire resistant as these are treated with special chemicals in case of fire these laminates minimize the smoke emission and does not release any toxic smoke.

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Color Combinations for Kitchen Cupboards

Always look the surroundings of the kitchen like walls, ceiling, countertop etc., in your kitchen. Based on the existing colors choose a color combination that matches the surrounding without making too many changes.

If the existing elements are colorful go for the white color cupboards which will give a elegant and spacious feel. This will make your kitchen look brighter and more open. White- or neutral-colored cupboards are best for small kitchens that have dark walls.

On the other hand, if you want to make the cupboards colorful then choose some light colors for ceiling, walls and countertop.

Monochrome Kitchen

A monochromatic combination of black and white is classy, modern and will keep your kitchen from looking cramped. You can also opt forĀ monochromes in neutral color palettesĀ like greys and beiges. These are popular choice for small kitchens which creates contemporary look and creates space.

Use White with Any other color

While selecting the kitchen cupboards color combination we need something that is timeless, all the time in trend. For this white is the perfect choice, but whole while is difficult to maintain. So, we can choose any other color of our choice and combine with white which is good to go.

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