Aluminium Cupboards are Best for low budget home interiors.

Most of the people might not heard about Aluminium Cupboards. Read to know about.

By Infinity Byte: Aluminum cupboards are modern and practical choice for most of the people now a days. These are sleek and versatile storage units. These cupboards are suitable for both traditional and contemporary houses.

Aluminum Cupboards are the storage units primarily made of Aluminum metal. This metal is lightweight but sturdy. These cupboards provide sleek and modern look. There are various sizes, colors, styles and configuration according to the choice we can customize.

Advantages of Aluminium Cupboards

  • Durability : The main advantage of aluminium cupboards is these are long lasting .
  • Termite free: These cupboards are not affected by the termite as there is no wood used.
  • Stylish: These cupboards are mainly known for their contemporary and minimalistic design. These can blend into various interior styles seamlessly. These can match your aesthetic preferences.
  • Low Maintenance: These does not require high maintenance just a simple wipe down with a damp cloth is enough. As they are termite proof, maintenance is low.
  • Great Finishing: These aluminium cupboards give a decent finishing look.

How are these Aluminum Panels made?

These are made from ACP (Aluminum Composite panel). The panel consists of 3 layers.

Aluminum sheets are layered on both the sides of panel and in the middle of the panel composite is used. Composite is a kind of plastic which is strong.

aluminium cupboards

Prices may vary from as per the below scenarios:

1.Profile Model: The cost of the Profile Model Aluminum Cupboards is 700 per square feet.

2.Single sheet Framework: The Single sheet framework model is the sheet is utilized only for one side which is visible outside. For this the cost may vary from 800 per square feet.

3. Double sheet framework: This framework is the sheet is used on both the sides of the cupboards which is strong and long lasting. The cost is around 900 per square feet.

These details are for premium quality sheets. There may be sheets available from 500rs but those are not recommended. Those are of low quality of which the thickness of sheet is less, not so durable.


The cupboards after few years of shelf life, those are not reusable but the aluminum sheets after the shelf life can be used as scrap through which we can earn some amount of money. As aluminum is a metal it is accepted as scrap whereas wood may be subjected to termite also.

The budget may be somewhat higher than wooden cupboards when compared but the durability is more for aluminum which makes it cost effective. As the maintenance costs are also low for aluminium cupboards these are best option for long run.

Different Rooms

These aluminum sheets can be used to design cupboards for various rooms in our house as per our choice.

We get numerous color options and can be customized as per our design.

TV unit: The image here shows the tv unit which is designed with aluminum sheets which serve as a stylish solution for the living room.

Kitchen: The image here shows how elegantly the kitchen is designed with the aluminum sheets which can give your kitchen a sleek and contemporary look. It also provides ample storage which is really important for kitchen to store the different kind of utensils.

As these are waterproof there is no chance of damage of the cupboards as the usage of water is high in the kitchen. This is the beauty of the Aluminium cupboards.

Pantry: The pantry unit can also be nicely designed by using the alluminum sheets. In the same way everything can be designed with the aluminum sheets in bedrooms and bathrooms also.

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