Poly Granite Sheets Complete Info: Pros and cons with Prices

Poly Granite Sheets are the new trend now. Read to know more.

Poly Granite Sheets

Infinity Byte: Poly Granite sheet is made up of UPVC, Limestone and chemicals. This is the alternative for Granite, Marble and tile cladding for walls and ceilings. This is available in different colors and textures.

The thickness of the sheet varies from 1.5mm to 3mm. This thickness varies with companies and qualities. Length and width may be available as 8×4. Based on the thickness and few other factors the usage of the sheet is defined.

For example, the 1.5mm sheet can be used in kitchen, bedroom cupboards and 3mm thickness sheets can be used for countertops, tabletops, walls and can be used as alternative for bathroom tiles.

Installation Process

The installation of these sheets is so easy. Materials like cement, gravel or sand is not required. The only thing required is the sticky gum which will be available in market to stick these sheets. This gum should be applied back of the sheet and can be sticked on the required surfaces.

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Before installation few precautions need to be followed. The main thing to be note is the surface should not be wet, it should be moist free, so that the gum can be tightly stick to the surface and sheet.

One more thing is while sticking on walls, the point should be taken care is the wall from the outside is exposed to rain or any other water, there may be chances of failure of installation. To overcome this waterproof paint should be done from outside of that wall.

These Poly Granite sheets are interior products only it may not be used for exterior designing, because when it is exposed to sun, rain the sheet may lose its shine, color also may fade. Except flooring this sheet can be used for other interior designing because of its 3mm thickness it is not suitable for flooring.

Poly Granite sheets Advantages

  • Natural look: Maybe it is not a natural product but the look it creates is so natural with a good shine. This attracts everyone so easily.
  • No cracks: Even though we use paint on wall the cracks on wall can be visible. But by using these sheets the cracks are not visible on walls as these cover the walls.
  • No color shading: These sheets are not prone to fading of colors.
  • Easy to maintain: When compared to normal walls these sheets are easy to maintain. Any kind of stains or marks on the sheets can be easily wiped off.
  • Waterproof: These sheets are also waterproof.
  • Fire retardant: These sheets are treated as fire retardant as in case of any fire accidents the fire does not spread through these.

Poly granite sheets Disadvantages

  • High Cost: The Price of these sheets is high compared to paint.
  • Light Reflections: These sheets reflect the light very high when used for walls.
  • Resound: The walls absorb light to an extent, but the sound waves do not get absorbed by these sheets.
  • Good for long run: the color of the sheet once installed is not so easy to change as it costs high. If the color option which we chose is used for long run, then these sheets are good.
  • Interior only: These sheets are used only for interior purpose only.


Generally, the price per sheet may vary from 60 to 80rs per square feet.

Along with the installation the price may vary from 120rs to 180rs per square feet.

Comparing Premium quality paint with Poly Granite sheets

PAINT: Per square feet the price may vary from 25rs to 35rs.

For example, if our house measures 1600SqFt then it is calculated like 1600*30 = 48,000rs.

Poly Granite sheet: 1600*150 = 2,40,000

Best uses of PGS (Poly Granite Sheets)

As mentioned above it is not suggested to use Poly granite sheets completely as an alternative to paint.

It is Good to use PGS for cupboards, countertops and few highlighted areas.

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